Wairio Wetlands

The biodiversity of Wairio wetland block is benefiting from the restoration efforts of Ducks Unlimited (DU). Under a Land Management Agreement, the group are managing the restoration of Wairio Wetland in partnership with DOC.

In the 1960’s and 70’s, Wairio wetland was drained and the forest and wetland vegetation cleared. This was part of the Lower Wairarapa Valley Development Scheme. This DU project aims to restore the wetland so it can facilitate an increase in birdlife.

Activities will be carried out in planned stages. Timing of these will be according to availability of funding and resources. The programmes of work include:

  • Earthworks - to create islands, to provide access to observation sites for visitors and to retain water
  • Improving water supply and retention to maintain ephemeral wetlands and areas of permanent water
  • Revegetation with eco-sourced sedges, flaxes and trees
  • Predator control – a programme is being coordinated with GWRC to control mustelids (ferrets and stoats mainly), feral cats and rodents
  • Pest plant control
  • Fencing to exclude stock

Over the last few years DU has coordinated well-supported community planting events. Members of the rural community, Taratahi College, South Wairarapa Schools and staff from the Wairarapa Moana Wetlands Project partner organisations have participated in these plantings.

More recently the project has had extra resourcing because the site was selected as a focus area for the Fresh Start for Fresh Water Clean-up Fund.

Ducks Unlimited (DU)

DU is a volunteer wetlands and waterfowl conservation group. While Wairio Wetlands is their main project you can read about other projects around New Zealand and the aspirations of the group on their website – Ducks Unlimited NZ

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