Onoke Spit

Onoke Spit 2013 PlantingOnoke Spit 2013 Planting

Onoke Spit is located at the southern edge of Lake Onoke and is a 4km length of gravel spit and sand dunes – a rare ecosystem in the Wairarapa. It is a breeding ground for the rare Caspian tern and habitat for banded dotterel, albatross and penguins. Lower slopes are home to rare grasses, Katipo, lizards and other wildlife. Out to sea, dolphins, seals and whales are sometimes visible.

Friends of Onoke Spit

A group of locals, the Friends of Onoke Spit, are restoring and preserving the native flora and fauna of Onoke Spit. The group has beach clean-ups, planting and weeding restoration days and have a pest control programme where traps are regularly checked. The group also aims to promote and educate both local and more distant visitors about the unique qualities of this unspoilt area. Read more about their aspirations for Onoke Spit on their Nature Space page.

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