Ōkorewa Lagoon restoration

Planting Small

Lenting small2Reeves SmallA chilly southerly couldn't prevent a terrific turn-out at a Ōkorewa Lagoon planting day on Sunday 27 May. More than 60 people coated up and pulled on their gummies to help out, including a bus load of enthusiastic volunteers from Wellington. The combined effort resulted in nearly 2,000 "eco-sourced" natives being planted.

Organiser of the planting day, South Wairarapa Biodiversity Group member Jane Lenting, says a lot of thought goes into the types of plants, however, even with the best advice it can be a case of trial and error. "We have to choose plants that can both survive being under water and being virtually completely dried out, so that leaves quite a small list."

Mrs Lenting is thrilled with progress to date with the lagoon starting to "come alive" after only a few years. In addition to the usual partners, the Ōkorewa Lagoon planting day was also supported by Sustainable Coastlines and the Wellington-based Kathmandu Summit Club.

Ōkorewa Lagoon is located east of Lake Ōnoke, tucked in around the corner from the Lake Ferry Hotel, the lagoon is a small but significant piece of local natural history. It was once the site of a little fishing village called Ōkorewa, at the mouth of where the Ruamāhanga River drained into the ocean.

Article by Walt Dickson.