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A family event where you can discover the streams of the Western Lake and learn how important they are to the area’s wetlands. It’s also an opportunity to see water wild life in its natural habitat, take a tour of the area's native trees and experience other activities and presentations. There'll be a lunchtime BBQ but you could also bring a picnic to enjoy in this sheltered visitor location of Waiorongomai Station on Western Lake Road, south of Featherston. 

There may be an opportunity to book other activities (with an associated cost) in the area e.g. guided bird tour at Pounui Lagoon.

When: Saturday, 3rd February 2018, starting at 10:00am (in 53 days)
Duration: 3 hours
Where: Waiorongomai Station, Western Lake Road, South Wairarapa
Price/Cost: Free
Contact: Toni de Lautour
Phone: 027 240 4732
Email: zn.tvog.wg@ruotualed.inot
Getting there:

Waiorongomai Station is about a 22 km (25 - 30 minute) drive from Featherston. Turn into Moore Street from SH2 at the south end of Featherston. This leads into Western Lake Road which heads south. The event location is about 4 km's south of the Wairarapa Lake Shore Scenic Reserve and is on your right as you head south. Follow the unsealed drive to a clearing surrounded by trees at the end.    

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