These pages contain information and links to help keep you informed on what’s happening around Wairarapa Moana. But also to bring to life the places that you might visit.

Getting involved

The Events section has dates of upcoming planting days, working bees and workshops or presentations. You can contact one of the volunteer restoration groups below to become a “Friend” or “Member”, or just turn up on one of the event days.

Community Planting Wairio 2013

Community Planting Wairio 2013

Your wildlife observations

You are encouraged to record what you see to contribute to biodiversity knowledge - nationally and internationally. Put them on the NatureWatchNZ website (plants, animals, invertebrates, birds and reptiles) or NZ ebird (birds).
If you don't know what the name of your plant or animal is, or you want to read more about them try the following websites:

Volunteer Restoration Groups

Work of the following groups is described where it relates to the sites that they have 'adopted'.

Educational Information

To find out more about the local environment go to the pages on:

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