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The Wairarapa Moana Wetlands Project commissioned a heritage study. Much of the information from the report has been included in the book Wairarapa Moana: The Lake and its people  - details below


Wairarapa Moana: The Lake and its people
General Editor: Ian F. Grant
Published: Wairarapa Archive and Fraser Books, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9582617-8-4
79 Queen Street, Masterton


Wairarapa Moana:
He Pataka Kai, He Pataka Korero
Stories about a lake and its people
Publisher: Aratoi 2010
Cnr Bruce and Dixon St
P.O. Box 648


Original Aratoi exhibition PDFs
He pataka kai, he pataka korero: Stories about a lake and its people

An exhibition, rich with information and illustration was held at Aratoi, Wairarapa Museum of art and history in 2010-2011. The exhibition panels make a very informative read and are available to view in PDF by clicking on the links below.  

  • Please note these PDFs are set with very large page sizes and may not print well.  
  • Alternative A4 sized PDFs are available on individual History and Culture pages on this website.
  • Alternatively a small A5 sized booklet containing the same material is available from Aratoi for about $2.

Wairarapa Moana Introductions (PDF, 157KB)

A torrent of colonists (PDF, 790KB)

Sheep or eels: The battle for Wairarapa Moana (PDF, 3757KB)

Te heke rangatira: The disappearing band of chiefs (PDF,1324KB)

Te heke rangatira: Whatungarongaro te amokapua (PDF, 1319KB)

A piece of land: The pumice lands of Pouakani (PDF, 1187)

Tuna of Wairarapa Moana PartA (PDF, 702KB)

Tuna of Wairarapa Moana Part B (PDF, 3348)

A land between: Geology of Wairarapa Moana (PDF, 594KB)

The diversion scheme: Gates, stopbanks, channels and floodways (PDF, 838KB)

A tough breed: The birds of Onoke Spit (PDF, 1166)

Fresh out of water: Introduced, native or extinct freshwater fish (PDF, 894)

Wairarapa Moana: A continuing challenge (PDF, 882KB)

Whakaora te repo, ka ora te taonga wai: Restoring our wetland treasure (PDF, 711)

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