A wealth of stories

Beneath the glistening surface of Wairarapa Moana is a rich and turbulent history that continues to influence the region and its people today.

It is the story of a revered taonga, an abundant natural food source for tangata whenua throughout the generations who have resided there.

It is the story of the fight for control of the lake that saw centuries of traditions and culture pitched against settler farmers’ quest for pasture. It is the story of the gifting of the Moana by tangata whenua to the Crown in 1896, and how the conditions of that gift were not honoured, to the detriment of the lake and its wildlife.

It is the story of a priceless, internationally significant, habitat for rare and endangered flora and fauna, that has been threatened and continues to be threatened by farming, drainage and other practices on its shores.

It is the story of the 2010 Waitangi Tribunal Report which acknowledges the injustices suffered in the past.

It is the story of iwi, farmers and other stakeholders working together as kaitiaki (guardians) of the lake, to offer new hope for this priceless taonga and the people of the region.

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