Environmental Surveys

A number of surveys have been carried out at Wairarapa Moana over the last seven years. The information gathered has assisted decision-making for management and has provided direction for future research and monitoring.


Surveys have been used to map the native vegetation communities present, delineate weed infestations and to monitor vegetation changes on the eastern shoreline over time:

Aquatic ecology

Fish and kakahi surveys have provided knowledge of species distributions and base-line information for the future: 


Bird species presence and abundance are being measured both along the eastern side of the lake and in the lake-edge wetlands. Historic surveys have provided a background to understanding this recent data.

Water quality and sedimentation

Water quality is monitored on an ongoing basis in Lake Wairarapa. A Masterate student has completed a sedimentation study of the lake. Some water quality monitoring of the lake-edge wetlands is also underway.

Other information

General information about the ecological values of Wairarapa Moana can be found in the recent Ramsar application:



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